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UFO Shape Standardization

I can picture it clearly in my head. Somewhere, deep inside an office building, there's a conference room. The coffee and donuts are flowing freely. Gathered around an over-sized oval table, a group of software engineers, computer scientists, various 'business...

UFO Sightings by the Day of the Week

A new UFO sighting parameter has been added to the database: Day of the Week. You'll see that the day of the week has been added as a searchable parameter in the main database table, as well as in all the existing graphs. Plus a new graph was added that focuses on...

UFO Research Database – Introducing Shape Analysis

Last post I talked about simplifying the UFO database in the interest of getting a working version published in much shorter time frame. If you have read some of the earlier posts, the original plan was to make a UFO sighting database that broke up UFO sightings into...