A new UFO sighting parameter has been added to the database: Day of the Week.

You’ll see that the day of the week has been added as a searchable parameter in the main database table, as well as in all the existing graphs. Plus a new graph was added that focuses on day-of-the-week analysis.

As you can see by the graph above, the majority of UFO sightings occur over the weekend with Saturday leading the way, followed by Friday, then Sunday. This is no surprise as many people are off work over the weekend and typically spend more time outdoors increasing their chance of seeing something strange in the sky.

However, this does not seem to hold true for all states. Take a look at what happens when you filter down to see UFO sighting by day of the week in Utah…

In Utah, most UFO sighting occur on Wednesday by a fairly large margin.

Interesting, is it not? By a fairly large margin, more UFO sightings occur on Wednesdays in the state of Utah than any other day of the week. Why more sightings on Wednesdays in Utah instead of on the weekends like most of the world?

I’m not sure, but its fun to speculate…

First, it could just be a statistical anomaly due to a somewhat small data set for sightings in Utah – but then again, why such a  large margin of separation? Adding to the mystery, the next day in line for the most sightings in Utah is also a non-weekend day. Thursday. We’ll see if this pattern sticks as more UFO sighting data is added to the database.

Another possibility could be Air Force bases in close proximity flying their cutting edge technologies in the middle of the week, which are then being reported as UFOs.

Or maybe aliens just like to fly their saucers on Wednesday in Utah. Who knows? But what really excites me about this UFO database project is that when more data points are added, insights into to these types of strange patterns may emerge. Or, then again, maybe they won’t, adding even more mystery to the phenomenon. Either way, it’s just so fascinating!

We could use the database’s Shape Analysis to see what shapes are appearing most in Utah on Wednesdays…

Shape analysis shows Fireball type UFOs are the most frequent type seen in Utah on Wednesdays.

Pretty interesting. Fireballs are the type of UFOs most reported on Wednesdays in Utah. If you look at Thursdays, the second most popular day for UFO sightings in Utah, you will find Disk shaped UFOs are the most frequently seen, closely follow by orbs and lights-only sightings.

The day of week was simple parameter to extract from the existing event date. Other parameters could be extracted from it as well, such as the phase of the moon. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see if UFO sightings wax and wane with the moon phase?

However, I think the next set of data points I would like to see extracted from the sighting detail is light colors, and then a more granular location, such as the county (in the U.S.). These will not be as easy to extract as the day of the week, but wouldn’t it be cool to search for orb sightings, in a county of your choosing, which were orange in color?

Smaller regions, like the county-level is a must. Its hard to compare UFO sighting counts in California versus those in, say, Rhode Island, because of the great differences in size and population. County level comparisons will help level the playing field. Add county level population data and then you can make per capita comparisons as well.

In addition to these above mentioned enhancements to the database, the addition of UFO sighting records must also continue. The more data there is in the database only adds to the significance of any patterns that may emerge.

Thanks for visiting, and as always, comments, suggestions, and feedback are always welcome!