Welcome to the UFO Research Database!

UFO in fieldHave you seen something strange in the sky you just can’t explain?

Or maybe you’ve never seen a UFO, but are just fascinated by the subject.

Whatever your reasons, if you find yourself searching for information about UFOs, UFO sightings, or other UFO related phenomenon – the UFO Research Database is constructed to help you find that information.

So, what is this all about exactly?

The UFO Research Database is a ongoing project to extract and standardize UFO sighting data from multiple sources, such as UFO report databases, government archives, news articles, videos, books, witness submitted reports, and even social media.

The extracted data is organized, coded, and cataloged so that it may be searched, filtered, and cross-referenced, always linking to the original source.

To assist in looking for trends or patterns, the extracted data is also aggregated into charts and graphs, which can also be searched with an easy-to-use interface.

Here are some examples of what the database can do:

Current State of the Database

The database has data for 10,223 sighting reports as of 08-19-2017. This is just the beginning. There are literally tens-of-thousands of more sighting reports that need to be incorporated.

In addition, there are more data points to extract for each sighting, such as the county in which the sighting occurred, color of lights observed, flight and sound characteristics, plus so much more.

Stay tuned for future updates and additions! Questions, comments, or suggestions about the database are always welcome!